Old Poems

Thomas Edison

I feel like Thomas Edison,
Creating to remain sane.
I don’t want to be the one without a mind.
I’m only building myself a heart
To show you
Because the one I came with is not
Functioning the way I want.
It quarrels often with my mind,
But now that it has won
I have to draw on dear old Mr. Edison
To find a way to get to you.

1983/edited 2017

Old Poems Old Poems

A few notebooks containing old poems (among other things) have survived fire and flood for more than 30 years. This one has notes scribbled on the outside:

  • dedicated to my parents for making the future more possible than it ever was
  • listen to Someday Never Comes CCR
  • plus some ideas for titles
    • Adventures in growing up: poetry in desperate times
    • on white paper without lines
    • Toothbrush
    • the thin spectrum alongside the rest of the color range
    • the honorable maggot
    • Myrnah, the dogs are loose again
    • A fortune in bathroom reading
    • Critic’s Choice (for the fireplace)
    • Adventures in Bonzoland
    • My mind threw up & this is what came out
    • With a hint of rhythm
    • From the movie soundtrack of the same name
    • Discarding a few eights around my neck

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