Family Valued: Games Families Will Play

Families that are far more organized than ours have regular Game Nights. For us, the playing of games is usually sparked by the question, “So you wanna play a game or somethin’?” Remarkably, this happens with some regularity, so we are always on the lookout for a good game that requires a minimum of electricity and provides a maximum of fun. We do not denigrate competition and we like a game that interests everyone in the household, including guests of various ages (and attention spans).

In the interest of sharing, here are some of our better discoveries. The list goes beyond the usual manufacturers, but you ought to be able to order them through any of the local specialty stores or on the Internet (imagine that).

Fluxx (Looney Labs): “the card game with ever-changing rules”; truly fun for all ages because every turn gives you the opportunity to change the rules on your parents and really annoy them.
The Settlers of Catan (Mayfair Games): “a game of discovery, settlement, and trade”; wooden blocks make roads and buildings on an island that can change every time you play.
DinoHunt (Steve Jackson Games)” “bring ‘em back alive”; a card game with the type of detail and information to make any dino-phile happy.
Family Puzzle (F.X. Schmid): not an individual game, but a product line; 300-500 piece circular puzzles with pieces in three different sizes so each age group can work on part; well-made and assembly can last just long enough for everyone to chill out while you all listen to some cool music and sip a mellow beverage of your choice.
X-bugs (Steve Jackson Games): “microscopic mayhem”; tiddlywinks with insects and bedlam; not for the tiddly-challenged, but does not require literacy.

February, 2006

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