Results of Grudge Match Between the Casts of The Wizard of Oz and Citizen Kane to Determine the Greatest Movie of All Time (Please, No Wagering)

Ray Bolger (Hunk/The Scarecrow) def. Everett Sloane (Mr. Bernstein) 7-5

Joseph Cotton (Jedediah Leland) def. Frank Morgan (Prof. Marvel/ The Wizard) 12-10

Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch) pins Agnes Moorehead (Mary Kane) in 4:21

Orson Welles (Charles Foster Kane) pins Judy Garland (Dorothy Gale) in :03

Billie Burke (Glinda, the Good Witch) def. Dorothy Comingore (Susan Alexander Kane) 3-1

Wizard of Oz Defeats Citizen Kane 3-2

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