Every Generation Has a Pop Star

holding the compact disc
of the record that we burned so long ago
because they were bigger than Jesus
we clung to the old rugged cross and the old brown shoe
goo goo ga joob

Paul is dead! Paul is dead!
we hoped in vain
because our generation needed its martyr too

it’s been a rough life’s work trying to make amends
for breaking up the Beatles and losing all those friends
we misplaced the Bible when we moved
and we traded in the records for new cd’s
ob-la-di ob-la-da

they hired an actor to portray John
before they realized he shared a name with His killer
so the actor lost his job
and John stayed dead

pops and hisses come from us but not our discs
as our cries for help echo across the universe
they never again made a decent record
but then again neither did Jesus
yea yea yea


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