Ten Books I Would Recommend

According to my ratings on Goodreads (I gave each of these five stars…), I think these are quality books.

  • Stories and Early Novels: Pulp Stories / The Big Sleep / Farewell, My Lovely / The High Window by Raymond Chandler
  • Tales Too Ticklish to Tell: Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed
  • Inspector Saito’s Small Satori by Janwillem van de Wetering
  • The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe
  • The Real Frank Zappa Book by Frank Zappa
  • The Metaphysical Club by Louis Menand
  • The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell
  • Naples ’44: A World War II Diary of Occupied Italy by Norman Lewis
  • Winston, Newton, Elton, and Ed by James Stevenson
  • Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell

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