YGtCTO Coming to an End

I said there would be three hundred meditations on art and the last one will be published this week. If you’re surprised that I lasted this long, then I’m there with you. I can see so many faults with the effort, especially a typing issue that has me miss the single quotation mark and hit the semi-colon.

My website currently contains all 300 blogs that make up You’ve Got to Check This Out for anyone to peruse. They will remain available for a little while longer, but then they will start coming down. I may leave a few choice samples, but the rest are going to be collected into a book, available by the end of the year. So, look for that. It will contain additional words and a cogent (hopefully) introduction that will reflect what I wanted to accomplish and what I think I said. I hope everyone received a little pleasure and gained a moment of reflection.

I expect to continue posting, but it will not be nearly so regular. I have too many books in the pipeline to spend another 150,000 words on such a demanding schedule, but who really knows what the future holds…

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