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Transactional Analysis

If I put you before me
Would we both actually
Obtain a benefit
Or would all of it
Be merely illusory?

If I take more than you
Do you have nil and I have two
As if the accounting
Amounted to something
Less than a point of view?

Numbers make the world concrete
The truth hides in poetry
We can’t find a new conceit
That will feed the hungry and save the rhino
While bolstering my ego


Not Felt

I buried my heart in the garden.
This morning I unearthed
One and one half harts.
Oh dear.
I’ve reduced my life
To a joke.
Not a good one, but still…
I did bury my heart.


Life Is A Rough Draft

Life is a rough draft
Without footnotes
Or time for
Adequate research
Forgive the misspellings
And obvious inanities
Trust the question mark
For it has your back
Condemn the
Run-on sentence
That lays waste the paragraph
Forgetting where it began
While losing sight of
The end