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The Bat

in the house?
awake at night
senses fine-tuned
sound after sound
edging toward hysteria
the land of the sleeping giant
the mind of a bird
the heart of a rodent
the act of a terrorist


The Age of Clark Kent

What’s the point in fighting crime?
We are
Not all superheroes
Even in our dreams

The age of Clark Kent
And Superman’s descent
Bizarro speech
And tripping on the cape

Smallville is so far away
And Lois is the future
All Lois all the time


Old Poems

Thomas Edison

I feel like Thomas Edison,
Creating to remain sane.
I don’t want to be the one without a mind.
I’m only building myself a heart
To show you
Because the one I came with is not
Functioning the way I want.
It quarrels often with my mind,
But now that it has won
I have to draw on dear old Mr. Edison
To find a way to get to you.

1983/edited 2017

Old Poems Old Poems

A few notebooks containing old poems (among other things) have survived fire and flood for more than 30 years. This one has notes scribbled on the outside:

  • dedicated to my parents for making the future more possible than it ever was
  • listen to Someday Never Comes CCR
  • plus some ideas for titles
    • Adventures in growing up: poetry in desperate times
    • on white paper without lines
    • Toothbrush
    • the thin spectrum alongside the rest of the color range
    • the honorable maggot
    • Myrnah, the dogs are loose again
    • A fortune in bathroom reading
    • Critic’s Choice (for the fireplace)
    • Adventures in Bonzoland
    • My mind threw up & this is what came out
    • With a hint of rhythm
    • From the movie soundtrack of the same name
    • Discarding a few eights around my neck