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Life Is A Rough Draft

Life is a rough draft
Without footnotes
Or time for
Adequate research
Forgive the misspellings
And obvious inanities
Trust the question mark
For it has your back
Condemn the
Run-on sentence
That lays waste the paragraph
Forgetting where it began
While losing sight of
The end


That’s What I Did

I built the pond in the backyard
Hoping to attract bluebirds
But only drew regrets

I planted seeds in the garden
Hoping to nurture pumpkins
But raised a row of disappointments

I built a wall
Of kiln-fired bricks
Because that’s what I thought you did

Look in wonder at
My pond
My garden
My wall
I made them all


The Bat

in the house?
awake at night
senses fine-tuned
sound after sound
edging toward hysteria
the land of the sleeping giant
the mind of a bird
the heart of a rodent
the act of a terrorist