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That’s What I Did

I built the pond in the backyard
Hoping to attract bluebirds
But only drew regrets

I planted seeds in the garden
Hoping to nurture pumpkins
But raised a row of disappointments

I built a wall
Of kiln-fired bricks
Because that’s what I thought you did

Look in wonder at
My pond
My garden
My wall
I made them all


The Bat

in the house?
awake at night
senses fine-tuned
sound after sound
edging toward hysteria
the land of the sleeping giant
the mind of a bird
the heart of a rodent
the act of a terrorist


The Age of Clark Kent

What’s the point in fighting crime?
We are
Not all superheroes
Even in our dreams

The age of Clark Kent
And Superman’s descent
Bizarro speech
And tripping on the cape

Smallville is so far away
And Lois is the future
All Lois all the time