The Business of Art

A cherry-picked list of numbers:

  • Sales of single issue of the comic book Captain Marvel Adventures (Fawcett), 1945: 1,400,000 (approx.)
  • DVD’s of movie Coco (Pixar) sold in 2018: 1,447,426
  • Attendance at art museum exhibit Icons of Modern Art, Foundation Louis Vuitton, Paris, from October, 2016, to March, 2017: 1,205,063
  • Digital sales of the song Hotel California (The Eagles) at most recent count: 3,000,000+
  • Total sales of the book Who Moved My Cheese? (Spencer Johnson ) up to now: 26,000,000+
  • Sales of videogame Super Smash Brothers (2018/Nintendo) in December, 2018:
  • Viewers of The Bachelor (ABC Television) on February 25, 2019: 6,744,000

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