Lyle Lovett (YGtCTO Music #91)

Step Inside This House

Song written by Guy Clark and performed by Lyle Lovett

Lyle Lovett is an enigma to me. This isn’t a problem. In fact, it may be what keeps me interested. I’m not talking about the occasional acting job or the high-profile marriage that ended a while ago. This isn’t about the song choices or subject matter (maybe a little bit about those things). I’m not confused by however he has been described in various pieces of celebrity journalism (which have pretty much come across as benign).

I mean that the music is an enigma to me because I can’t entirely appreciate my own response to it. The first time I heard one of Lovett’s recordings, I had to buy it. I wore out that tape. I acquired everything else that I could find. What’s so weird about that you might wonder? Anyone who has written this many blog entries about music has to be a little obsessive.

Other than some Johnny Cash and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, I didn’t really own any country. I liked it well enough, but it just didn’t fit with my self-perception. I wanted to be the person who listened to hard rock all the time and didn’t get a headache. My style choices ran very far away from cowboy boots. The best thing you could say about it was that I was never going to have the big-hat-no-cattle problem. (Let’s not discuss the Indiana Jones hat. I do have a big-hat-no-holy-grail problem.)

Lyle Lovett

I think I understand why I have latched onto his music so intensely. The songs that he writes capture a view of the world that fits fairly well with mine- wry, appreciative. I get joy from it all, but I think that may be the connection that any art allows with something bigger than ourselves. Perhaps it’s also the promise that I can keep on enjoying music when I have to moderate my intake of AC/DC.

When Lovett recorded an album of covers of his favorite songwriters, I was apprehensive. I assumed that he had good taste, but I liked the songs that he had written and it didn’t feel like there were enough of them. I was mistaken in my worrying.

Step Inside This House is on that short list of most beautiful songs that I have ever heard. Hell, it’s probably the top, especially Lovett’s performance. I mean, how absolutely magnificent is the entire set of covers.

Now, it’s twenty years on and an incredible amount has happened since I first heard this song. I must have felt like an old man then, in some tiny way, but I had no idea. Probably, we’re never too young to think about the past. We all want to wear our lives half so light with twice the meaning.

In retrospect, I should have stolen the name of this song for this blog series. Truth be told, these are my treasures that I have put on display. They don’t count for any more than the stories that they tell.

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