Explaining Life to a Pre-Adolescent on a Friday in September

Paging through pictures of a war
A more noble war
How do I explain the arrogance
That would venture his future
For a handful of gold

Dick Cheney should have a ditty
About when he was young and pretty

It’s like that zombie movie from the other night
No, the other one
The one that made you laugh
Because they were so stupid and slow

It is absolutely
True that Dick
Cheney could use a limerick
Mainly because we all could

There was a bad man from Wyoming
Who tried to hide his dark side but it kept showing
He stole from his friends
And screwed most Americans
Who gave and gave and gave without knowing

I want to talk about rape
Not the ugly kind
But the friendly kind
Between two countries

And then it’s bedtime
Time for a song
A story
And a glass of water

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