Family Valued: Feline Violence

This week, a randomly selected nine-year-old and I will discuss the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. The books are a recent discovery in our household and seem to be catching on at school.

What made you start reading these books?
I did this summer reading thing and you could get a free book if you read eight books. I read eight books and they had the first Warriors book and some other books that weren’t so cool. I didn’t think the Warriors book was going to be so cool, but it was. If you want to know, it’s called Into the Wild. After I read that book, I kept looking for the other books since I liked it so much. The one I just finished was the third book: Forest of Secrets.

Why are the books called Warriors?
They’re about warrior cats that hunt and protect their clans. A clan is a group of wild cats who live together.

So there’s lots of violence?
Well, a lot of violence if you consider tons of cats scratching, shredding, biting, and tearing each other to pieces.

So you don’t think that’s a lot of violence?
Nope, compared to some things that I’ve seen.

Exactly what have you seen?
Well, on some kids shows.

What kids shows?
Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited,… and that’s it. But you don’t have to worry about the cats using bad language. They only use semi-rude words. And some parts are sad.

Who do you think would enjoy the books?
People who like cats and adventure.

September, 2005

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