A Platter for the Ages

Outlined against a blue-gray November sky the Great Creator rode again. In dramatic lore he is known as father, beginning, and inventor. These are only aliases. His real name is: Fred Morrison. He saw the potential in the first popcorn lid as it sailed on supple breezes into the even more supple hands of his girlfriend, Lu. That lid, or a disc very much like it, would sweep over the precipice of bogus inventions and float into the homes of millions in a bewildering panorama spread out across every open space on this planet which itself glides through a universe following a course set for it by greater forces.

Morrison flew through darker, harsher skies as a pilot, learning something more of aerodynamics. Courtesy of Stalag 13, he had time to contemplate the product which he had been selling on the beaches of Southern California before World War II rudely interrupted. Flyin’ Cake Pans begat Flyin-Saucers begat Pluto Platters and Morrison saw that it was good.

Perhaps there was a rainbow on the day that man gave names to all the animals. Maybe a lamb did lie down with a lion. At least, let us suppose that the sun shone and mass production does not equate always with foul fellow feeling. And less us say that the brilliance of that great ball of fire overhead smiled upon Morrison on January 23, 1957 when he sold his magnificent disc to Wham-O. And they prospered. And he prospered. And there was Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee Golf and the people were glad- fifty years glad for a platter for the ages.

January, 2007

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